MEMBERSHIP: Committee members are to be appointed by the newly elected President. Their duty is to select recipients of both the Bill Cain Scholarship for training events hosted in Georgia and the Dale Barstow Scholarship for attendance to the International Institute of Municipal Clerks National Conference.

1. The Bill Cain Scholarship shall provide an opportunity for every Municipal Clerk in the State of Georgia to obtain training and subsequent certification through the Clerks Certification Program.

2. The Bill Cain Scholarship shall provide for registration costs and lodging for the recipient to attend the Clerks certification Program. Pending the availability of funds, two (2) full scholarships shall be awarded to Clerks annually (one scholarship at each Conference in February and September); in addition to a partial scholarship for the June Conference. A minimum balance of $1200 shall be maintained in the Scholarship fund. Scholarships shall be awarded accordingly.

3. The Dale Barstow IIMC Scholarship is presented to a deserving clerk to reimburse for the registration fee and hotel room charges for attending IMC Annual Conference. Reimbursement is limited to no more than $1500.


1. Send requests for nominations to District Directors, Mayors, City Managers and Association Officers.

2. Write an article to promote the scholarships and send to:

a. GMCA Business Manager for inclusion in the GMCA monthly e-newsletter 
b. The Marketing Committee for posting on the GMCA website and Facebook page

3. Receive nominations from all sources above and select annual recipient(s) using guidelines set by the Board of Directors.

4. Send press release to recipients to share with their council and local newspaper.

5. Send press release to the Marketing Committee for posting on the GMCA website and Facebook page.

6. Use display at GMA convention to promote scholarship when possible.

7. Maintain a list of the Scholarship Award winners for each conference every year.

Bill Cain Scholarship
The Dale Barstow IIMC Scholarship