MEMBERSHIP: Committee members are to be appointed by the President.


1. Committee members will work with the Marketing Committee to promote the Clerk of the Year Award by posting on the GMCA website and Facebook page.

2. In order to be considered as a nominee for Clerk of the Year, consideration will be given to the following:

 a. Membership in GMCA

 b. Job performance, experience, accomplishments, and quality of work c. Length of service d. Invaluable support to the Staff and community

3. District Directors will solicit nominations from Clerks in their District. Clerks will submit nominations to their District Directors.

 4. District Directors will send nominations to Chair of the Clerk of Year Committee who shall send to Mayors, City Managers, and Association Officers for input and letter of support.

 5. Committee Chair to prepare an article promoting the Clerk of the Year Award and send to GMA for publication in Georgia Cities newspaper.

 6. Use display at GMA Convention to promote the award.

 7. Receive nominations from all sources above and select annual recipient using guidelines set by Board of Directors.

 8. Notify the award recipients’ Mayor, City Manager, and District Director of the selection. 

 9. Committee Chair will work with the Social Media Committee and have the Committee send a written article and picture of the award recipients to his/her hometown newspaper for publication. The Social Media Committee will also post the names and pictures of the award recipients on the GMCA Website and Facebook page. 

10. Notify GMA of the award recipients for publication in Georgia Cities newspaper. 

11. Notify IIMC of award recipients for publication in News Digest Magazine. 

12. Have plaques prepared and make the presentation of the awards at the GMA Annual Convention in June in Savannah.

Clerk of the Year 2024 Form.pdf
2024 Clerk of the Year Nomination Form.pdf