About GMCA

Participate in and exchange ideas with a large network, or rather a family, of warm, caring and understanding clerks and finance officers across Georgia. Continue you professional development through GMCA sponsored educational programs.
Your Board has strengthened GMCA through new education initiatives, mentoring, enhanced technology and social media as well as a reliable strategic and financial plan.
The strength of the membership rests with you – the membership.  It is you who demand the best from your organization.
On behalf of your Board of Directors - Thank you for your continued support and commitment to GMCA.  We are here to help and support you.
Some Benefits of Membership
Be a part of an established network of City Clerks throughout the state representing municipalities which range in size from under 100 to over 350,000 in population.

Attend GMCA sponsored educational training in Athens in February and September of each year. Training is attended by our membership, unaffiliated clerks, county clerks, and other interested individuals.

Attend the GMCA sponsored Annual Conference and the Annual Business meetings which is held in June each year.

Access entire membership with a copy of the GMCA Membership Directory.
How to Become a Member of GMCA
Click here for a Membership Application. Complete the application and mail in your application dues.

Types of Membership:
Active Membership All public officials, elected or appointed, engaged by the local governments as city clerks or finance officers, and such other municipal officials or persons with the same powers and duties. Only persons having Active Membership status or the designated Associate Member shall be entitled to vote at any meeting.
Associate Membership Persons engaged by the local governments as deputies or assistants to the city clerk, finance officer, and other such municipal officials or persons with the same powers and duties. Designated Associate Members shall be entitled to vote at any meeting in the absence of the Active Member from that city.
Patron Membership Persons not eligible for Active or Associate Membership but who are interested in principles and practices of municipal government and finance, and who subscribe to the objectives of the Association. This is a non-voting membership status.
Retired Membership Persons who are active members of the GMCA who choose to continue their membership when they leave public employment. This is a non-voting membership status.
Honorary Membership Persons who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, have made a distinct contribution to the advancement of GMCA so that their effort deserves public recognition shall bel eligible to election as honorary members. Also, all past presidents of the Association upon retirement or after vacating the office of city clerk, automatically receives the honorary membership status.