MEMBERSHIP: Committee members are to be appointed by the President.


1. Chairman to serve as Ex-Officio member of the Education Committee to coordinate special events in conjunction with the education programs.

2. Be present and visible at functions of GMC/FOA to welcome City Clerks and Finance Officers as they arrive in February, June and September.

3. Plan and implement ways of identifying new or first time City Clerks and Finance Officers at the February, June and September Educational Training Programs.

4. Plan special events at the February and September Educational Training Programs to get participants better acquainted.

5. Promote GMC/FOA through visual displays at the following events: GMA Annual Convention, Clerk Educational Training events in September and February, February, September and June, and others as necessary.

6. Design and outline a plan for the display. The plan is to be submitted for review and approval by the Board of Directors.

7. Prepare the approved design as planned. Transport display to and from meetings, and set up and dismantle at the meetings where it is displayed.