MEMBERSHIP: Committee members are to be appointed by the President.


1. Assist the Association’s designated Business Manager in conducting membership drives with special promotions to increase the membership of GMC/FOA and IIMC if necessary. Obtain new membership information in order to determine Mentee/Mentor interest.

2. Assist the Association’s designated Business Manager in contacting all City Clerks and Finance Officers listed in the GMA directory and invite them to join GMC/FOA. Brochures and literature explaining the Association will be mailed or sent via E-mail to each City Clerk and Finance Officer who is not already a member by the Association’s designated Business Manager.

3. Work with the District Directors and encourage contact with non-members to promote membership in their District Page 17 of 27

4. Use the display at the Educational Training Events, the GMA Convention, and other events to promote membership and mentoring opportunities.

4. The Membership Committee will then pair the Mentees and Mentors and provide them with contact information. A list of those participating in the Mentoring Program will be provided to the GMC/FOA Board by the Mentoring Committee.

5. The Membership Committee will provide information to the Mentor and Mentee about the Mentoring Program.

6. The Mentor will contact the Mentee for introductions and offer assistance in answering technical questions, describing procedures, providing information about educational opportunities, providing moral support and encouragement, sharing experiences, and introducing the new Clerk or Finance Officer to other Association members at meetings and conferences so a reliable network is established.

7. The Membership Committee will provide updates to the GMC/FOA Board on the how the Mentoring Program is progressing.

8. Work with the Marketing Committee and the Association’s designated Business Manager to promote membership and the mentoring opportunities on the GMC/FOA website and Facebook page.